Ajit - Shalini

When swayamwara.com interviewed Ajit about his marriage with Shalini, a loving and proud husband emerged from behind the mask of a playboy actor.

Of shalini he says ' she is my greatest gift'. Her entry into his life has altered him says a now wiser Ajit. Before marriage he admits, he had a terrible temper and short fuse. Today however, with the calm and demure Shalini beside him, that is all history.

Even before he met Shalini, Ajit strongly believed that a wife's role in her husband's life should extend beyond the home to the professional arena as well. In that respect he thanks his lucky stars for having met Shalini. Being a child artist herself, she knows every nuance  of the film world. This is a great asset to Ajit's career. So great is her influence in his career that Ajit today proudly says that her support his behind every step he takes.

With shalini by his side, his confidence knows no bonds, Ajit's life motto is to achieve greater and greater victories and die attaining them.


Kausalya Suprabatham

In an interview with Swayamwara.com, Kausalya discussed her expectations of an ideal groom.

Off the screen, Kowsalya prefers to wear modern clothes and western wear. On screen however, she comments that the directors insist she wear sarees. An ideal man for her is one who would allow her to dress according to her dreams - in western wear.

A sense of humour is very important to Kausalya, it would enliven the home, making it pleasant and comfortable . Kausalya believes that the main reason for marital discord is people's unwillingness to fulfill their duties properly. Quoting the Gita, where it is said " One should do his/her duty without expecting any reward" , Kausalya says that if her husband to be fulfilled his duties, she too would reward him in lonliness. !!!