For all those brides and brides-to-be:

      How often have you heard the maxim 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach' in recent times? And each time you smirked, thinking you knew better ways!! Your mother tried to equip you with the basics: ladies finger shouldn't be boiled in water, don't add sugar to hot milk while preparing kheer, the milk might curdle, hand pound the masalas for biriyani, authentic garam masala has 16 spices ...Phew! Were you   intimidated?! Don't be.


      Forget measurements. Use cookbooks as a resource, be innovative. Add a pinch of a spice or herb to it. Smell it, taste it then add more if need be. That's how your grandma and royal chefs invented dishes too. Just remember to give the dish an appropriate and exotic name. If you wanted to make a banana 'n' milk sweet and it turned out all gooey you can re-christen it Plantain Halwa!   
     When you are newly married , burnt breakfasts and make-do dinners are the order of the day. (Don't ask me why! ) But you could surprise the man of your life by making super meals. The best part being they are simple to make and in no time too (We know how valuable your time is!!)