"Home is where the Heart is"

Jus' married ? Step into the warmth and glow of a cosy home for two. Wondering how to set it up? Here's how.

Enter Living room

An arrangement of divans or mattresses with a few cushions thrown in for good effect, the upholstery in bright colours, a few paintings on the wall adding to the aesthetics, a flower arrangement on a low centre table or plants at the corners for a touch of greenery, gujarati torans on doorways and voila` your living room is done. Have stained glass lamps on corner stands. When lit they give a warm and earthy glow and it is a mood heightener. This kind of a décor gives it a friendly and informal ambience, in keeping with your present mood.

This arrangement is a great way of creating an illusion of space. The divans can double up as beds for guests. Keep the woodwork simple to avoid stuffy appearances. A curio cupboard on one side of the wall or wooden stand for the few curios you have just accumulated is enough. A glass topped, round or rectangular dining table under a chandelier with lighting that is soothing and relaxing, and lo! Your living room is done.

Just remember: Do not buy knick-knacks at one go. Collect them together gradually; the memories are more precious than the article itself.

The Bedroom

Your very own private domain. This room requires extra attention. Do it up in soothing colours. Dark colours tend to dampen the spirits. A light shade of blue, a pale mauve , are the right colours for your bedroom.

Paint the ceiling with imagination. Your fantasy could manifest itself on the ceiling- paint a galaxy or a soothing ocean scene with tones of blue and aqua green. Please : no abstracts ,it is distracting and we don't need distractions.Do we ? The bed, which occupies centre stage in this room, should be comfortable. Spread bed sheets with a difference : Have pale beige one week and then spread a bright ochre khadi one the next. .Remember: variety is the spice of life.

Have drawers placed on the side of the cot, spanning the width. They are useful for storing those extra pillows and linen. Place bed side tables on either side for the books and magazines and for those honeymoon snaps and special knick-knacks -may be that perfect shell you found on that beach in Goa or the Teddy bear he got you during the courtship.

Instead of a coat stand attach ornate and fancy hooks on the wall to hang the robes and night dresses. Create a cosy corner, just right for a tete`a tete` with a small table and two chairs. A rice-paper globe lamp or any other will enhance the décor. Bask in its subtle romance.

The Kitchen

The heart of the home lies in the kitchen. Design it to suit your modern lifestyle. Make it a cheerful place with posters of flowers and fruits on the walls. Storage cupboards above the cooking area to make the essential ingredients available at the stretch of a hand. If space permits you can even have the washing machine installed in the kitchen so while you are cooking, the washing is taken care of. Make a breakfast counter with a wooden table or a mosaic slab fitted across the kitchen. Break the myth that a workingwoman doesn't find time to romance her hubby- Have breakfast in the kitchen or ask Him over to 'YOUR DOMAIN' for a quick snack. With mixie's, ovens, cooking range, dishwasher food processors and Your Man to help you. Do you need any more helping hands?!

The Bathroom

Make it an area of comfort. Don't neglect it. Have a 'His' and 'Her' cabinet so that your creams don't get mixed up (Invade his area too- after all he needs only 1 shelf !). Install a shower cubicle. From the practical point of view it keeps the bathroom dry, and it offers an ambience for those special showers together.

Are you all set to return home at the drop of a hat? With a home like this, you wouldn't like to step out. Would you? A welcoming beginning to a happy married life.