ethnic elegance . . .      

There stands the blushing bride in all her bridal finery, with bangles jingling in her hands, jhumkas dancing to her every move, attractive rings flashing on her fingers, tinkling anklets making her presence felt, the tikka or tiara on her forehead setting her apart from the rest.Well it's a part of her trousseau. Can it be complete without jewellery? Certainly not. Valued for its aesthetic appeal and preciousness, each piece of jewellery is a masterpiece of creation. Jewellery continues to fascinate woman since times immemorial and even the cyber savvy women of today.

The variety is innumerable. Kangans, kadas, armlets, bracelets, necklace, chokers, rani hars, rakodi, kamarbands, nose rings, toe rings,ear rings the list is endless. The materials that goes into the making it, is yet another list in itself. Precious stones, pearls, corals, metals, enamels, shells, tusks, wood, lacquer and many more.

Gold is mandatory and an important pre requisite in Indian marriages. The tying of the 'mangalsutra' by the groom around the neck of the bride and slipping the 'wedding band' in the finger of the bride are most important aspects of Indian weddings, lending an official seal to the ceremony. There is a lot of sentiment attached to these jewels. It is a statement of the status acquired, of moving from the 'single' to the 'married.'

The bride and her 'saheli's appear resplendent in their jewellery. To coordinate jewellery with the bridal dress is extremely important. Gold sets with enamel work or diamond sets would match with the red or pink jazzy outfits. Pearls look good with blues and purple outfits; navratan sets generally look good with green.

Weddings are occassions to bring out chunky jewellery to impart the ethnic elegance.

So brides and brides to be adorn your selves with the choicest jewellery from the extensive range available and bring out the chunkiest ones get ready for d-day.

Did you see his eyes set only for her as she sashays forth in these jewels?

Jewels Courtesy: KFJ, Mylapore, Chennai.