Life is a mystery to be celebrated and not an problem to be solved. Mere existence is not life.  Strangely people are only somehow existing, somehow vegetating, somehow surviving.    For survival, bread, clothes and shelter are enough, but  the grandeur and the splendor of life will be missing. The inner sky of such people will remain dark with no stars.

        One can give only that which he has. one cannot give that which he does not have. The one who has full of joy will share the    same joy where ever he goes. The one who has  frustrations and   depressions can only share the stink of his miseries wherever    he goes. Such people are not wanted by anyone. But he who spread fragrance of love and joy is wanted everywhere. To him success happens naturally. The secret is to equip oneself with what is wanted in the world by people. Fill yourself with   unconditional  joy and happiness.

        This is the success formula for any meaningful husband and wife relationship. What appears to be a miracle in the beginning of a marriage, by and by fades away and replaced by bitterness and insecurity simply because of this aspect of joyfulness absent in both of them. The tragedy begins when the husband or wife expect the other to understand himself or herself and be a sourse of his or her joy. Instead of 'giving' happiness they both 'expect' happiness from the other and this is the   cause for the eventual sorrow in such a wonderful relationship. When the husband and wife live a life where both are a  sourse of joy to each other, where both are 'givers' and not 'beggars'of happiness,such a life would coplement each  other to grow socially, materially, professionally and spiritually.

thy own self
Swami Aksharananda

Quote for the month
' While it is important to REMEMBER your wife's birthday, it is even more important to FORGET her age '